Aging in Place

To thrive in place, we recommend proactively making your home safe and comfortable for the years ahead. For many people that means downsizing and streamlining your belongings to ensure you can easily access the things you use most often and eliminating any potential tripping hazards or identifying other safety concerns. Our goal is to make your living space free of clutter and safe. 

  • Assess entire home for needed safety modifications

  • Organize home for complete accessibility of items

  • Compile report listing recommended adjustments and modifications

  • Professional supervision of modifications by licensed contractors

  • If you have outside help coming in, you may want to consider a Home Inventory so that everything is accounted for.


"Thank you all at Clear Home Solutions for such a smooth operation! Great to have partners in these difficult, confounding moments of reality-shifting, and it helps to have clear-minded people standing by to help deal with it all." - A. F.

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