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Hoarding Clean Up

If you or a loved one suffer from hoarding, a neuro-behavior disorder, we can help. People who suffer from hoarding often have so many belongings that they impair access to hallways, rooms, exits and entrances. Despite such obvious safety hazards, disposing of things can be difficult, painful and anxiety-provoking. 


Our Hoarding Clean Up Managers are specially trained to help you or your loved one make your home clean and safe again by creating a step-by-step plan for your unique situation.

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  • Create a plan to compassionately and discreetly manage the project.

  • Work with you to identify what items will be cleaned and retained vs. what needs to be recycled, donated or disposed of. See our C.L.E.A.N.S.E. Concept for more details.

  • Organize and store the things you or your loved one treasure.

  • Ensure your home is clean so it is safe.

  • Facilitate any repairs that need to be made.

"Once again, your team has done the impossible! Linen closet organized, holiday supplies labeled and available quickly for me – wow!  Everything CHS does is designed to make my life easier. As a person who takes care of everyone else, I feel like I've stepped into my best dream ever." - S. H.