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A collection of photos ready to be scanned and documented by Clear Home Solutions

Document & Photo Scanning Services

Protect Your Family Photos, Slides & Documents by Digitizing Them!

Keep your favorite memories alive and save your family’s visual history with Clear Home Solutions’ Photo & Document Digitizing Services. 

Scanning your photographs and documents allows you to share, view easily, and preserve them for now and future generations to come. It’s the safe and efficient way to create your Visual Legacy.

A random collection of found old photogr

Make Your Memories Last Forever With Clear Home Solutions’ Photo & Document Digitizing Services. 

Pull those boxes of photos and slides out from your attic, closets, and cabinets so our staff of experts can work their magic for you using our proven process. 

Items to Consider Digitizing

We offer various scanning options, whether you want to scan and restore old photos or scan important documents for archiving, including:


Organized stack of postcards and old photos archived and documented by Clear Home Solutions


Stacks of documents and boxes ready to be digitized, scanned, and documented by Clear Home Solutions


Image by Immo Wegmann


Image by Jason Leung

We also photograph your memorabilia - such as trophies, souvenirs, and smaller heirlooms - allowing you to pass down those memories while still being able to “see” them. 

Photo Scanning

Don’t let your memories fade away! Clear Home Solutions knows how to save them so you and your family can cherish them forever. 

Image by Fred Moon
Image by Christopher Flynn

Document Scanning

Document scanning helps clear up space, organize, and hold onto history.

Do you have file drawers packed with documents old and new? Maybe you have important family historical documents that need to be preserved before they get damaged.

Important documents to consider digitizing:

  • Birth Certificates

  • Marriage Licenses

  • Deeds

  • Death Certificates

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Genealogy / Family Trees

  • Business Documents 

Image by Wesley Tingey

Photo Restoration Services

Image by TiAchen Aier
Antique Photo of Fisherman

It’s awful when cherished photos become damaged, but that doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause! At Clear Home Solutions, we’re happy to provide our customers with photo restoration services to help bring them back to their former glory, including:

  • Red Eyes Removal

  • Spot Removal

  • Color Adjustments & Corrections

  • Removal of Object, Person, Animal

  • Removal of Water, Mold, and/or Burn Damage

Please note: Our restoration services are only available for photos CHS has scanned for you, as we need to control the quality of the picture as much as possible.

Man looking at Family album

Additional Concierge Services Available to You Include:

Pickup & Dropoff of Items

Photo Archiving Services

A photo album of old photography organized and digitized by Clear Home Solutions

If you’re interested in learning more about our photo & document scanning services or want to start the scanning process, contact us today!

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