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Carefully Categorized and organized business solutions documents and folders managed by Clear Home

Business Solutions

Looking to move your business or your home office? CHS can help. Our Relocation Managers will create a customized relocation plan and timetable for your business. You'll find that our staff of professionals particularly excel at:

  • Having patience and maintaining a calm atmosphere

  • Time management

  • Problem solving

  • Above all, superb organization and focus

Organized and ready to move boxes, chairs, and office equipment grouped for transport by Clear Home


Supervised Professional Packing and Inventory of Items

We arrange for packing materials and containers to be delivered to your offices. We then carefully supervise the packing of everything in your office, using precise labeling and packing lists so it’s clear which items belong to which office. We create a thorough packing list, clearly documenting and labeling everything so it's delivered to the proper area in your new place of business. 


Scheduling and Overseeing Movers and Other Vendors

We can provide you with a list of trustworthy movers, as well as other vendors such as haul-away companies and cleaning services. Your Relocation Manager works with the movers you choose to coordinate all the details and is there to supervise the movers the day of your move so everything is properly and efficiently taken care of. 


Unpacking and Setting Up Your New Offices

We work with you to create a custom floor plan for your new offices to make it clear where boxes, desks and file cabinets go when they arrive. We'll unpack and organize all items and files for you, replicating the workflow from your previous offices.

When our work is done, you and your staff are set up and ready to go to work. Your computers are hooked up, file cabinets are in place and the right office chair is in the right office. Your downtime is negligible. 


Dispersal and/or Acquisition of Items and Furniture

Whether you need to purchase new office items or dispense with unwanted furniture, we work with sales companies, donation outlets and other vendors to empty out your former workplace and decorate the new.

"Clear Home Solutions is an easy, honest and communicative service that is exactly what it is supposed to be. Itemized billing, compassionate people and complete work with special attention to detail. I could not be more pleased!" - Todd B.

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