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Daughterhood the Podcast: How To Move Your Parents feat. Marty Stevens-Heebner

In this episode of "Daughterhood the Podcast," host Rosanne Corcoran, a Daughterhood Circle Leader and primary caregiver, is joined by Marty Stevens-Heebner, an entrepreneur, author, and CEO of Clear Home Solutions. Together, they delve into the complexities and emotions involved in moving and organizing a parent's belongings while managing their care needs.

Marty highlights the unique nature of each situation and emphasizes the normalcy of disagreements and conflicts that arise between parents and their adult children during this process. She sheds light on the emotional turmoil experienced by aging parents who are aware of their own mortality, as well as the lasting effects of the deprivation they endured as part of the previous generation.

Addressing the challenge of letting go, Marty suggests seeking outside help from professionals or neutral parties who can provide guidance and assistance. She explains how the presence of an audience can create a positive influence, prompting better behavior from family members. By inviting an outsider's perspective, the decision-making process becomes more objective and pragmatic. Marty shares the concept of the "audience effect," where individuals strive to present themselves in a positive light in front of a third party, leading to more reasonable discussions. She encourages caregivers to inquire about the stories and sentimental value behind certain items rather than questioning the need to keep them, as understanding the significance can often facilitate the process of letting go. Marty explores the importance of donating belongings and highlights the joy that can come from passing on family stories, legacies, and memories to the next generation. By appreciating and honoring these stories, caregivers can help their parents find comfort in knowing their family history will be cherished and remembered. And so much more!

Join Rosanne and Marty as they provide insights, tips, and strategies for navigating the complex challenges of moving, downsizing, and self-care during the caregiving journey. Discover valuable resources and learn that you don't have to face these challenges alone. Tune in to this empowering episode of "Daughterhood the Podcast" and embark on the journey of daughterhood together.

While you're here, be sure to explore the wealth of resources and information available. To access this enlightening podcast episode and discover more episodes of Daughterhood, head over to Click on the link in the bio to gain immediate access to all the valuable resources mentioned in this discussion.


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